Spaces in the real world can be pop up shops, venues like concert halls, in co-working spaces, festivals, open air and many more

In order to create a buzz,
Continuum brings together
Retail, Entertainment (Music), Food and beverage vendors together online and in the real world.

Using gigs to promote retail, food and beverage startup brands, creating awareness for products available through the online and real world marketplaces

These spaces with a date and time, combined with our online marketplace is what
Continuum: Space x Time means

The biggest problems facing Retail, Entertainment (Music), Food and beverage vendors in London right now are location, location, location.

While online marketplaces provide a good avenue for especially retail vendors to sell online, they are unable to make it sustainable because they are missing the real world factors.

Their biggest issue with engaging with consumers in the real world is the increasingly expensive cost of renting spaces and translating their online and social media presence IRL (In Real Life). 

Solution: Create an online, social media and real world buzz to create lasting engagement with consumers.

Continuum = Vendors (Online and IRL) x Consumers (Online and IRL)
IRL being spaces over time

We also use
Product and facial emotion recognition
Online/IRL payments
To bridge online and real world