The pop up shop revolution has taken over London in the past few years.

This is because businesses are beginning to see the immense benefits of these temporary shops in iconic locations with huge footfalls

While this was originally intended for SME vendors in order to give them an edge and a way to be able to test their products before committing to long leases,

Big brands saw this as an opportunity to hop on a hot trend, test new markets, engage with consumers in innovative ways.

What that meant for the SME Vendors was the spaces began to be over-priced, over-subscribed with more influential brands being more favoured than they were.

SME Vendors fortunate enough to get spaces; saw great success. However, they quickly discovered they were easily forgotten as soon as they left the space.

This is what
Continuum: Space x Time
is fixing,

We are giving continuous physical presence combined with an online marketplace that would allow consumers to continually engage with vendors online and in the real world.

Ensuring their convenience and privacy are the priority.

This means consumers can order online or order in-store, ship to their address or pick up in store.

A shopper ordering items could decide to have some of the items delivered to her at home.

She decides to pick-up the others in the pop up shop closest to her because she needs the item that morning.

Upon reaching the pop up shop she finds products of other vendors she likes and decides to order this in-store to be delivered home to her.

She sees another product whilst in-store, this time a perishable item, they order to take away immediately.

There is powerful proprietary tech that underpins what we do, being able to recognise consumers online and in-store without violating their privacy, making shopping seamless for consumers online, virtually and in-store.

Inventory and fulfilment for vendors and our ability to connect multiple marketplaces (online and pop up shops) not limited by geography or technology

Breakthrough technology we use include NFC, AR/VR, computer vision for product recognition and facial analysis.

Our point of sale system make us one of the most innovative companies currently in the retail and entertainment sector.

Vendors we cater to include: Clothing, cosmetics, food and drink, events – concerts, festivals, carnivals, parties etc.

Our technology allows us to seamlessly bring all of these together, cross and up-selling one another online and in the real world.

Space x Time
online and in the real world –