AtHashtags Launches an Innovative Platform for Fashion Retailers in Beta

April 24, 2015

AtHashtags, an innovative new service connecting shoppers (Hashtaggers) and fashion retailers (Vendors) online (through a social e-commerce website) and in the real world via multiple-location popup shops (TradePods) has launched in beta version. Businesses can now sign up at

AtHashtags is aimed at fashion designers and retailers seeking to give their sales a substantial boost and offers unique advantages for retailers and shoppers alike:

  • Shoppers discover exciting new designers online through hashtags (♯) and social media. They can try items in an online fitting room before buying, or visit the location (MarketSquares) pop-up shops.
  • Vendors use hashtags to drive a consistent brand message within the online platform and across social media.
  • Vendors establish a physical presence, which offers shoppers the opportunity to feel and touch items and cuts down on refunds, without the cost and risk associated with a permanent shop.

Vendors can sign up to the website and register their interest in one of the MarketSquares.

MarketSquares are located in strategic high-street locations with busy foot traffic and vendors can fund their stands (TradePods) by selling tickets in exchange for special discounts and VIP treatment.

Shoppers can buy from the online store or pre-order to pay in the MarketSquare. They can also use smartphone or augmented reality scanners and purchase products via QR codes. Virtual carousels display a retailer’s latest products.

TradePods can be secured at up to four strategic locations over two weeks.

The company’s founder Bernard Omolafe said he is passionate about supporting small businesses across the country:

“We really want to help small retail businesses grow and expand on to the High Street and online. We are sponsored by well-known companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM as well as several top retail giants who are all as excited as we are to reinvent the high street for the 21st century.”

Macintosh Networks, the company behind AtHashtags, are approved Growth Vouchers advisers, the UK government’s strategic advisory scheme for small businesses.

AtHashtags has been selected as one of the ACE next 50 ICT innovative companies in Europe in 2015.

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