Sell online and in–store commission free
Free Sales and Point of sale
when you subscribe for
Pop up shops
Sell without paying commission and accept payment online and using card readers offline for free…

A marketplace app of combined online and multiple location pop up shops complete with cloud based connected online, in-store POS system

Mobile, QR/Barcode scanners, card reader with ability to recognise online payments in-store and vice-versa.

From Retail Apparel

To cafes

Pop up shops

Seasonal items


Boot sales

Flea Markets

From online reservation to fine dining




And other entertainment events

Sell Tickets with check-in functionality

Very useful for tourists

Converting online shoppers to physical customers

And vice versa

Build your hobby into a sustainable business

Run your business from listing to accepting payment from your smartphone

With our pop up shops, you are never too far in proximity to customers

And they can buy your products online

Or in person

Fulfilment based on Customers convenience.
Order can be shipped

Or picked up in person
from pop up shop most convenient for them…

Customers are never too far from your products
Online, in-store, AR/VR

Best part is easy payment
Shoppers can pay you online, reserve to pay in person, in cash, card, apps and our NUUM wallet
Also easy for you to convert new physical consumers to online customers

Making your online business local and local global online

Are You already in a marketplace or have your own physical store?

Continuum easily integrates major online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, ASOS, EventBrite, Ticketmaster

And it works brilliantly within your physical store

All in One app

Scale your business with ease

Feature your products in up to 4 pop up shops (retail units) all around the city, then country then globally…

We are
A community of shoppers and a network of retail and entertainment vendors

with products available for purchase online and in connected physical retail units

Bringing items into closer proximity and greater convenience for consumers


And in-person