Ok so your e-commerce business is on Amazon, Ebay, ASOS, Etsy and all the other marketplaces on the face of the planet.

Did you know all that online marketplaces combined only accounts for 20% of your potential consumer contact and you are missing out on the other 80% which is physical engagement?

The problem is that by missing out on the physical engagement, you are losing 80% chance of someone buying and becoming a lifelong customer of yours.

Conversely when you only have a physical shop that 80% becomes 20% and you are missing out on 80% of potential conversion that could happen online. This is what is called Pareto’s ratio.

Continuum helps you combine all your online and physical sales into one marketplace. Putting you in the drivers seat with your own POS and choice of physical locations.

You can integrate your Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Eventbrite, Asos products, get a physical pop up shop location with POS and inventory solution and card machine of your preference.

Keep a bigger slice of your pie while maximizing your exposure, sales and profit. Its very fast and easy to become a member of the continuum family

Free cloud Point of Sale
Online x In-store x AR/VR x on the go