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AtHashtags is chat based marketplace facilitating interaction between shoppers and merchants. With bots serving as shop assistants to provide useful product and location recommendations, shopping online and offline is becoming hassle-free and truly connected.

Hashtags, Augmented and virtual reality can be used to discover, engage and make purchases online and offline. Blockchain, NFC and digital wallets can be used to make payments with multiple merchants.

Making online and offline discovery and shopping faster, seamless and more immersive for shoppers.



AtHashtags is an innovative shopping discovery marketplace connecting shoppers (Hashtaggers) and lifestyle and fashion retailers and designers (Vendors) online (through the shop) and in the real world in popup shops (TradePods) in multiple locations (MarketSquares)

AtHashtags is aimed at shoppers who wish to discover and purchase items they need faster.

Beginning with helping shoppers to discover small and large high street lifestyle, fashion designers and retailers, enabling them to interact better with these shoppers, showcasing their items online within the platform and offline using the TradePods and MarketSquares technology:

  • Shoppers discover exciting up and coming designers and retailers (Vendors) online through the power of #ASH. They can try items on within the innovative AtHashtags virtual changing room before buying, reserve to try on physically in the #Tradepods the AtHashtags connected pop-up shops.
  • Shoppers discover large (high street and established) designers and retailer (Vendors) items within the AtHashtags platform, they discover more and complete their purchases with the brands and retailers. They can also get directions and ride sharing to their stores using the #MarketSquares Technology that connects large retail and designer chains stores to the network of Tradepods, enhancing the shopper experience at every turn.
  • All Vendors can use hashtags to drive a consistent brand message within the online platform, MarketSquares, Tradepods and across social media.
  • AtHashtags helps up and coming Vendors establish a physical presence, which offers shoppers the opportunity to feel and touch items and cuts down on refunds, without the cost and risk associated with a permanent shop.

With over 2000 large and up and coming vendors, it is no wonder shoppers can increasingly find items faster online or offline.

Shoppers are beginning to realise the advantages of relying on AtHashtags as their first point of call for showrooming all the way to purchasing.

Vendors can sign up to the website and register their interest in one of the MarketSquares.

Within the platform is an innovative search and discovery bot called #ASH, shoppers can search and get suggestions, the more the user uses AtHashtags, the better #ASH gets at personalising recommendations. #ASH also makes #Hashtags tappable, aiding search and discovery in order to further enhance experience.


MarketSquares are located in strategic high-street locations with busy foot traffic and vendors can fund their stands (TradePods) by selling tickets in exchange for special discounts and VIP treatment.

TradePods can be secured at up to four strategic locations over two weeks.

Shoppers can buy from the online store or pre-order to pay and pick up in the Tradepod #ClickandPick. They can also use smartphone or augmented reality scanners and purchase products via QR codes, interacting with posters, magazines either outside or within the Tradepods and MarketSquares. Within the Tradepods, shoppers can also engage with Interactive Mannequins, Virtual changing rooms, Virtual and augmented reality based shopping etc. Shoppers can be guided to Tradepods and MarketSquares with directions, virtual and augmented reality guidance, ride sharing integration and many more exciting features.