Augmented Search Heuristics – ASH

Hi I’m #ASH

ASH – Augmented Search Heuristics (#Hashtags)

The AI tool to bridge the blind spot between online and offline shopping between consumer, small and large brands locally and globally.

“The vision is to bridge the blind spot between online and offline shopping between consumer, small and large brands regarding discovery, purchase especially payments for small brands, spaces and fulfilment.”


Focused on augmenting the online and offline experience by combining both to enhance the user experience. Coincidentally one of the ways this happens is through the AR/VR app by AtHashtags powered by ASH.


Search is a very central function of ASH as the slogan of ATHASHTAGS says

Why waste time searching?”

Items including products from the smallest to the largest brands can be searched online and in-store. Searching is easy and intuitive and can be done from various sources.


Heuristics is any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method not guaranteed to be optimal or perfect, but sufficient for the immediate goals.

“ASH pioneers an approach to personalised recommendations called “adaptive recommendation”, this combines predictive or supervised algorithms like linear regression, Bayesian modelling with adaptive or non-supervised algorithms like clustering to create a real-time recommendation that adapts to the current user need.”

ASH’s Heuristics factors in hashtags, location, bots, chat, user’s current actions, metadata and a lot more data points to create more real time or adaptive recommendations for users.

ASH use case

“ASH combines deep learning with computer vision to connect online and physical marketplaces of small and big brands to provide personalised recommendations, point of sale PAAS to small brands to make it easier for a community of shoppers to pay and AR/VR for shopping online and in-store.”


Topshop Fashion Week

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Live from the heart of Soho, Topshop presents the September 2017 London Fashion Week collection at 51 Charing Cross Road.

Inspired by the dazzling streets of Soho – London’s hidden creative world. A fearless, tenacious spirit is in the air where you can see and be seen, and be whoever you want to be.

key pieces from the runway immediately after the show on TOPSHOP.COM and selected outlets globally.

the Topshop show live on WWW.TOPSHOP.COM/LFW globally from 4.15pm Sunday 17th September.

London Fashion Week Takeover
from all Topshop social channels
Snapchat: Topshop
Instagram: @Topshop
Twitter: @Topshop

 Happy London Fashion Week!
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