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We are the hottest talk of the town!

We are the first marketplace to provide online and in-store personalised recommendations of products from the smallest to largest brands locally and globally.



Vendors – (Smaller brands) sell with us because we have one of the most advanced AI in the world for personal recommendations.



ASH – our trusted AI recommends products from small brands. Products range from fashion apparel to cosmetics, Music, Events like concerts, festivals…



We also make it possible for Vendors to showcase their products online and in-stores with closer proximity to shoppers our focus.



We are Top 5 AI startups 2017,
Top 50 AI companies 2017,
Shortlisted for Top 10 AI companies 2017
Top 5 most anticipated E-commerce platforms 2016,
Top 50 most innovative European Start-ups 2015



Find out now why we are one of the best if not the very best



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