The Rouba G. Finale, Sheer Perfection

With an evening filled with breath-taking fashion and style inspiring pieces on the Paris Le Grand runway, nothing was more fitting than to close the show with a collection by Lebanese designer, Rouba G. The brand, officially founded in 2015, stands strongly in its reputation for pushing boundaries, where others within the industry wouldn’t. Her drive and commitment to her work as well as her persistence particularly when facing rejection, is admirable. Within each collection, Rouba G. transforms ordinary, everyday things into jaw dropping, memorable garments and the Dragon Dawn collection featured at the OFS event was no exception. On the ‘Frow’ was model Sapphiroula, dazzling in a spectacular gown from this collection so we were certainly in for a treat!

Let the show begin. Ruffling on ends with hints of glitter, fabric caging and scalloped corsets, the Dragon Dawn collection was Sheer Perfection. An assortment of mermaid cuts and princess-skirted dresses transporting us with a choice of colours from dusk to dawn.

Rouba G. gently introduced us to a soft yet flamboyant sleeved mermaid dress with a pleated tail. In its blush colour, the inward details between the pleats were more defined as the model moved in the dress. In its sheer glory, the puffed sleeves, cuffed at the sleeves as it glistened in the light.

In a similar colour, a playsuit coated by a floor length , A-line tulle then flowed across the runway. Its corset embellished in Swarovski crystals was not the only memorable feature of this extravagant piece. The roped cage sleeves, swung back and forth in its movement drawing attention to its detail. With similar cuts and styles to that of garments from the Tudor period, the modern adaptation of the playsuit, set this piece apart.

Moving deeper along its colour palette with a shiny scalloped mini dress in golden, silver and purple scales, Rouba G. explored an aquatic theme. Scaling continued in blush pink and blue styles of midi, maxi and jumpsuit cuts with the continuation of the defining puff sleeves bringing structure to the fluidity of the sea.

The signature piece was the keyhole dress in a dark teal with organza spiral ruffles standing proudly along each arm like waves hitting on its banks.

What a way to close OFS with a phenomenal collection by Rouba G – creating fantasy through Sheer Perfection.



View collections at /@rouba.g

Written by Bankee @bankeestyling

Photography by Sana Ben Ayed @sanabenayed_photography

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