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When Vendors (start-ups) get approved to sell (its fast and easy) they can quickly list their items. Vendor items are showcased along the larger retailers item using our personalised recommendation system #ASH. Discover about #TradeSQuares where you can showcase your items in multiple physical locations so shoppers can find your items more easily. We have an innovative inventory and payment system especially tailored to vendors like yourself.

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As a Shopper, you find that life is a lot easier when you can find everything you need to buy in one place. ATHASHTAGS makes it convenient for you to buy from the smallest to the largest retailers online and in-store. We have interesting ways to make discovering and buying from vendors in pop-up shops, we are making click and collect, reserve and buy in store a normal thing when shopping with smaller brands. One more thing, become an influencer in the ever growing community of AtHashtaggers, like, follow, grow your followers now.

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